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As of Sunday, March 22nd, weekly sermon audio will be pre-recorded and posted to the Sermons page as usual, but sermon videos will be posted along with additional content in the HopeCC Blog. A new sermon will be posted every Sunday at 12:00 AM.

Check out the latest Hope At Home sermon from Sunday, April 5th, 2020 here: "Weathering the Storm"

Ligonier Ministries

Ligonier is a Christian teaching ministry that offers various educational courses to aid believers in their Christian walk/growth.

Until at least June 30th, they are offering hundreds of courses for free! This is an awesome opportunity for anyone wanting to increase their Bible knowledge and usefulness to God's Kingdom.

I (Pastor Woody) strongly encourage members of the church to take full advantage of this short-term offer.

Get started by visiting Ligonier Connect today!

RightNOW Media

Having been called the "Netflix of Christian Bible study", RightNOW Media is home to 14,000+ on-demand Bible study videos for community groups, men, women, youth, kids, and more. Check it out and contact HopeCC to gain access for FREE!

HopeCC 20/20 Vision

Please visit the 20/20 Vision page (and watch the video!) to see our church-wide direction for the new year.

We hope that everyone who considers Hope their church family will review and make a commitment to these God-honoring 2020 goals!

Request RightNOW Media Invitation