Missions HopeCC Supports

Key of Hope...

dedicated to providing the long term mentoring relationships South African children need not only to survive, but to thrive as citizens, leaders, and disciples of Christ.

John & Tamela Rigg::

Before arriving at Key of Hope, John and Tamela had served in full time church ministry since 2006 in Holly, MI. John has a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute and received a Certificate of Ordination in 2011. The both of them have served together in Outreach, Missions, and Christian Camping and hope to use their past for the future of South Africa. You can donate directly to their efforts via the instructions below.

Partner With Us::

We rely on the prayer and financial support from people like you to continue our mission in Durban, South Africa. There are two option for helping us financially...

Donate via the Key of Hope website by clicking on our logo above, choose the donate tab from the menu, choose your support option and type "Rigg" in the comment box.

Or you can send a check to: Key of Hope
P.O. Box 210567
Auburn Hills, MI 48321
and write "Rigg" on the memo line.

Thank you for your support!

The Hands & Feet Project...

founded by Audio Adrenaline in 2004, cares for 100 orphaned and abandoned children in the southern region of Haiti. Hands and Feet strives to provide family-style care for each child, giving each boy and girl the opportunity to reach their God given potential.

Project Vision::

Our vision is two fold. First, we will strive to raise a generation of orphaned children who will grow up to reach their God given potential . Second, we will empower first world citizens to partner with us in service at home and abroad.

Our Focus::

Currently we are focused on building Children's villages in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Each village is built with the dual purpose of caring for orphans and providing a place for partners to come serve with us on short term mission trips. Our villages are lead by American and Haitian staff members who are committed to the Hands and Feet family values.

For more information, visit the Hands & Feet Project website by clicking on their logo above.

Flint City Church...

led by Pastor Ernesto Alaniz, meets weekly in the Carriage Town Chapel in Downtown Flint, Michigan and takes the Gospel of Christ out into one of America's once great, but now forgotten and hurting cities.

FCC is for Jesus::

"You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." To this, Jesus responds, "Upon this I will build my church." We preach Jesus. Boldly and without apology. We do what we do and are who we are because of what Jesus did and what He is doing.

FCC is for Flint::

Flint, Michigan is considered one of the most dangerous cities in America. It is a city that can't seem to catch a break. As businesses and people continue to flee the city, we are going into it. We live here. We work here. We play here. We believe that God can raise the dead, even dead cities.

FCC is for the Kingdom::

We live here. In our neighborhoods and our schools. But as a Jesus follower, we know that we are citizens of another land. And we are learning how to be citizens of THAT place even while living in THIS place. We are learning a new way to be human. We are following the Jesus path. We are disciples of His. And as we follow, His Kingdom comes.

For more information, visit the Flint City Church website by clicking on their logo above.