About HopeCC

Our Mission

To live out and share the hope we've found in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

The Church

The church is a body made up of all born-again persons. We believe the establishment and continuance of local churches is taught and defined in the New Testement scriptures. We believe the church was given two ordinances: believer's baptism and the Lord's supper.


We believe that salvation is the gift of God, apart from works, offered to all who place their faith and trust in the atoning work of Jesus Christ. We believe that the shed blood of Jesus on the cross at Calvary is the only means of securing the forgiveness of sin. Because salvation is the work of God, not man, all believers are eternally secure and are kept by the power of God.

The Trinity

We believe in one Triune God; eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Our Approach

Our desire is to create an atmoshphere where:

  • Followers are encouraged to more closely follow Jesus and his teachings
  • Skeptics are challenged by the Word of God and the example of others
  • No one ever feels alone or without hope