theCENTRE student Guidelines

Centre Families,

We have laid out a list of rules and guidelines to help the students know what is expected of them moving forward. We will review these with the students but also ask each family to review them and return a signed copy asap. We want to have a fun but safe and productive environment for your students to grow and we're hoping these set guidelines can help us achieve that.

  • All cell phones and other electronic devices are off and not used during group.
  • We let each other finish, no interruptions.
  • We listen to each other and react with respect, even if we do not agree.
  • In discussions, we don't make it personal, but stay on topic.
  • We bring a bible and other required lesson material each week.
  • What happens in small group stays in small group. We don't talk about it with others.
  • As a leader we don't talk to your parents about what is shared unless we feel you are a threat to yourself or others, or are legally required to report it to others.
  • We do not put our hands on other students. This includes horseplay and boy/girl contact.
  • We come to all youth events dressed in an appropriate way. Girls: skirts and shorts are of appropriate length, clothes are not revealing or skin tight, bra is not exposed. Boys: clothes are not skin tight, pants are worn appropriately and underwear are covered.
  • We clean up after ourselves and treat the space with respect. This includes host homes or vehicles for travel.
  • We support leaders and your peers with full participation. Looking at who is speaking, asking questions and contributing to discussions.
  • We remain with the youth group unless you let a leader know that you need to leave the area.
  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and weapons are not tolerated or allowed at any youth event.

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