Becoming A Believer

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Salvation Pt II

A Guide To Salvation

the following scriptures will guide you into a personal knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ and His plan for your life.

  • God created you and knows everything about you.
    (Genesis 1:27 & Matthew 9:4)
  • God created you with a free will.
    (Joshua 24:15)
  • You are a sinner and do not naturally follow after God or His will.
    (Romans 3:10 & 3:23)
  • You are facing death and an eternity without God as a result of your sin.
    (Romans 6:23)
  • The price of your sins was paid for by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, when He was crucified.
    (Romans 5:8 & 2 Corinthians 5:21)
  • All who place their faith in Jesus' death, burial and resurrection are forgiven and saved from judgment.
    (Romans 10:10-13)

To begin a relationship with God...

Pray the following prayer with your whole heart:

Dear God,

I come to you a sinner, in need of the Savior. I believe Jesus paid the price for my sins on the cross. He died and was buried, but arose from the dead on the third day. He now sits at your side pleading my case before your throne. I here and now place my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Forgive me for all my sins, give me a home in heaven when I die, and help me to live for you. Thank you for saving me. Amen

** If you just prayed this prayer you are now a believer and are assured a home in heaven. This is just the beginning of your journey. You need to find a Bible teaching church that will help you grow and learn the ways of God. Feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.

For an explanation of believer''s baptism, visit Scriptural Baptism.