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HOPE RISING - Good Friday & Easter 2020

Dear HopeCC, as we continue to persevere through these most difficult days, I thought it would be helpful to share a few of my thoughts with you.

People are anxious and searching for truth and something to give them hope and peace.

You are loved: It has been three weeks since we last gathered together to worship our Risen Savior. My heart yearns to again be with all who call Hope their Spiritual home. I miss your smiles, acts of service, and your voices—yes, your voices. I miss our times of corporate worship.

You are resilient: So many of you have shared what you are doing during this time and it is so encouraging. You are not giving up or giving in.

You are faithful: You are looking for ways to help others and meet the needs of people in unique and simple ways. Your true colors are showing.

You are trusting: You are trusting God, knowing He is in control. You are not looking too far ahead, but instead are trusting God for your daily needs.

You are growing: Some are taking advantage of your time by taking in more of the Word. Reading it, learning it and sharing it.

My dear friends there is light at the end of the tunnel! Keep trusting God and He will bring this trying time to pass!

In lieu of being able to do live Good Friday or Easter services we have decided to post video of the At the Cross 2019 event this Friday. It is a great reminder of the price Jesus paid to bring us into the family of God. Also, we will be posting this week's Easter sermon Saturday at Midnight. It will focus on a special interview between Jesus and a doubter. You will not want to miss it!

I want to encourage you to like, post, and pass along the info we provide about these two video events. People are anxious and searching for truth and something to give them hope and peace. We know Jesus alone offers both! Let's pass on the content and watch God use it for His glory!

PS— Pastor Mark Driscoll has made a chapter from his Doctrines book on the Resurrection available to everyone free of charge. It is packed with good info and scriptures supporting one of the most important teaching of the Christian faith. You can access it ⇒ HERE.

In His love,

Pastor Martin Woody