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“Addressing Our Hand Grenade-Like Anger”

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Sermon Outline

What is the worst thing you've ever done when angry?

Anger is the reason many have lost everything & everyone. This includes their family, marriage, job, testimony, and freedom.

Many of us can look back and recall the critical moment when we made the critical mistake of letting anger have its way.

Genesis 4:1-5 NKJV Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, and said, "I have acquired a man from the Lord." 2 Then she bore again, this time his brother Abel. Now Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. 3 And in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord. 4 Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected Abel and his offering, 5 but He did not respect Cain and his offering. And Cain was very angry, and his countenance fell.

Hebrews 11:4 NKJV By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, through which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts; and through it he being dead still speaks.

1 John 3:12 NKJV not as Cain who was of the wicked one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his works were evil and his brother's righteous.

Genesis 4:6-15 NKJV So the Lord said to Cain, "Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? 7 If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it." 8 Now Cain talked with Abel his brother; and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him. 9 Then the Lord said to Cain, "Where is Abel your brother?" He said, "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?" 10 And He said, "What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground. 11 So now you are cursed from the earth, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. 12 When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield its strength to you. A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be on the earth." 13 And Cain said to the Lord, "My punishment is greater than I can bear! 14 Surely You have driven me out this day from the face of the ground; I shall be hidden from Your face; I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth, and it will happen that anyone who finds me will kill me." 15 And the Lord said to him, "Therefore, whoever kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold." And the Lord set a mark on Cain, lest anyone finding him should kill him.

How is anger like a hand grenade?

  • It can be lethal
  • It is easily concealed
  • It is able to be carried
  • It has a trigger point
  • It can be discarded

How to address our hand grenade like anger biblically:

  1. Let God help.
  2. Look inside first.
  3. Flip the script.
  4. Give what you've received.
  5. Keep short accounts with God & others.


Who do you hurt most when you're angry?

Why are accepting responsibility and seeking forgiveness from those you've hurt necessary first steps?