Next steps at HopeCC

1. Believing

Mere "head" knowledge is not enough. To "believe" in/on Jesus Christ means to place your hope for forgiveness of sins and eternal life on Him and Him alone. The Bible refers to this as salvation or being saved or born again.

More about salvation

2. Identifying

Baptism is the first act of obedience and should be done soon AFTER a person makes a conscious decision to believe in/on Jesus Christ. It is our way of identifying with what saves us, the gospel (the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus). Beside baptism, believers identify with Jesus by sharing their faith with others either verbally and through tracts made available by the church.

3. Growing

God's desire for all who believe is that they grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ. This involves reading the Bible on your own and participating in church services and Bible studies. Another integral part of the growing process is prayer. Prayer allows us to confess our sins and maintain our dependence on God.

4. Serving

Everyone is gifted to serve and will find fulfillment and joy in serving others both in the church and outside the church. Download and complete the "Spiritual Gifts assessment" . Once completed you will have a better idea of the gift(s) God has given them. The Pastor or a church elder can help you find a team to serve on where your gift(s) can be utilized.